Video: Winter TV preview 2014

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    By Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times Tele­vi­sion Crit­ic

    In 2013, tele­vi­sion got a lot of love from the ap­pre­ci­ation so­ci­et­ies, am­a­teur and pro­fes­sion­al — some say it was the best TV year ever! (Not­with­stand­ing the un­pre­pos­sess­ing fall sea­son.) Can 2014 do bet­ter? Will it be the ful­fill­ment or the end of the me­di­um’s New Golden Age? These are the ques­tions the baby year must be ask­ing it­self now, with its top hat and rattle and re­mote con­trol, as it takes the stage of his­tory.


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    Published: Jan. 3, 2014
    Sources: ABC / A&E / BBC America / CBS / Comedy Central / CW / Discovery / FOX / FX / HBO / IFC / Lifetime / MTV / NBC / PBS / Starz / Syfy / TNT
    Credits: Produced by Andrea Wang, TimelineSetter
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