A hoot in the home: How the owl became a decorating sensation

Walk in­to home de­cor stores and you prob­ably will see, perched on shelves and atop tables and in faux Christ­mas trees, flocks of owls. Or, to be pre­cise, a par­lia­ment of owls. Owls prin­ted on pil­lows, on drink­ing glasses, on nap­kins, on blankets. Owls in the form of lamps and candles and cute dec­or­at­ive fig­ur­ines. Our ques­tion: Why? Where did the owl craze start, and how did it take flight? A time line of one of home de­cor’s biggest trends:

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Published: Dec. 14, 2012
Credits: By Christy Hobart, TimelineSetter

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