Conflict in Yemen

One of the poorest and least-de­veloped na­tions in the Ar­ab world, Ye­men has had a tu­mul­tu­ous his­tory but is known primar­ily as a haven for ji­hadists and as the re­gion’s largest gun mar­ket. Rising to power in 1989, Pres­id­ent Ali Ab­dul­lah Saleh has presided over the deeply frac­tious coun­try through a mix­ture of vi­ol­ent re­pres­sion of polit­ic­al crit­ics and skill­ful dip­lomacy, play­ing tri­bal al­le­gi­ances against one an­oth­er. Read more »

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Published: May 10, 2011
Sources: Times research
Credits: Justin Becker, Maloy Moore, Ben Welsh, TimelineSetter

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